There are 2 main marinas in Destin where most of the Destin fishing boats dock as well as several smaller marinas that have boats also.

The 2 main marinas are Fishing Fleet Marina and HarborWalk Marina. They both are on the Harbor Boardwalk as well as Olin Marlers, AJ's, East Pass Marina, Heron Harbor, Marina Cafe and Harbor Docks.

Destin Harbor Marinas and Charter Boat Locations

  • Fishing Fleet Marina (Main Marina)
  • HarborWalk Marina (Main Marina)
  • Olin Marlers
  • AJ's
  • East Pass Marina
  • Heron Harbor
  • Marina Cafe
  • Harbor Docks

The closet marina to the Destin bridge is HarboWalk Marina. The next marinas to the east is Olin Marlers and AJ's Restaurant. Fishing Fleet Marina and East Pass Marina are in the middle of the Boardwalk just east of Aj's. Next is Heron Harbor Marina, Marina cafe and Harbor docks restaurant. Each of these places have charter boats.

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