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Destin History & Fishing Museum
Destin History & Fishing Museum

The commercial fishing seine net boat Primrose was built of Juniper wood in 1924 near the current site of the East Pass Marina. After its seagoing days were over, it became a longtime fixture at Destin’s Community Center. It also became the center piece of Destin’s Fishing Museum and a tangible reminder of Destin’s fishing history. Despite being out of the water and under shelter, time, termites, and near terminal wood rot took their toll on the 34 foot wooden boat. The Primrose was collapsing around its keel.

Long time Destin resident Capt. Reddin “Salty” Brunson and once a crew member of the Primrose, knew action was needed if he was to save the Primrose again. He approached City Manager, Greg Kisela with a plan, a program and a plea. The 90 year old Brunson would provide the materials and the know how to rebuild the Primrose, but he needed man power. Kisela responded by offering the services of Public Works and Recreation Department employees. Under Brunson’s guidance, the project, a major rebuild of the Primrose took about two months to complete. Now thanks to the efforts of Capt. Brunson, City of Destin Employees, and a host of volunteers, the Primrose is once again a fresh and lasting landmark of the Fishing History that is Destin.

On Thursday, July 29, 2004 the Destin History and Fishing Museum in partnership with the Destin Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Destin, and the Destin Community Center hosted a rededication ceremony of the Primrose on the lawn of the Destin Community Center. Visit the Primrose and see more on the history of Destin October 1st at the opening of the Destin History and Fishing Museum across the street from the community center in the old Destin Library.

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